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2-3 GHz Yagi Antenna (424-YB )



Wideband Yagi 2-3 GHz 4G Antenna - 14dB Gain

Model 424-YB

Digital Antenna’s 424-YB antenna offers an exceptionally wide frequency range covering many applications, including WiFi, WiMax, ISM, WCS, 4G, IMT-E, MMDS, WCDMA, WLAN, point to point, and point to multipoint. This antenna has an excellent front to back ratio to block unwanted signals. The powder coated finish provides outstanding corrosion resistance and longevity in the harshest environments. Maximum performance and distance is achieved with an outstanding VSWR of less than 1.5:1 across the entire frequency band (2-3 GHz).

Digital Antenna’s yagis include an integrated mounting plate with stainless steel U-Bolts for pole mounting and a pigtail terminated with an N type female connector. To ease installation, Digital Antenna also offers factory terminated cable assemblies in lengths from 10 to 100 feet.

Assembled, tested and tuned by hand for maximum performance, quality and durability.


  • WiFi, WiMax, ISM, WCS, 4G, IMT-E, MMDS, WCDMA, WLAN, Point to Point, Point to Multipoint


  • Rugged powder coated finish for exterior use
  • Focused power captures more signals
  • Excellent front to back ratio
  • VSWR <1.5:1 across entire band
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Five year warranty


Model 424-YB
Frequencies 2-3 GHz
VSWR <1.5: 1 = 2-3 GHz
Dimensions 23" L x 3.5" H x 1.5" D
Beamwidth H48° V33°
Use Outdoor
Gain 14dB
Connector Type N female
Mount U-bolts for pole (included)
Max Power 50W
Impedance 50 ohms
Number of Elements 14
Front to Back Ratio >18dB
Polarization Vertical or horizontal
Lightning Protection DC ground

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