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Multi-Band 698-1000 and 1700-2700 MHz Panel Antenna - 7-10dB Gain

Model 437-PW

Digital Antenna’s new wideband panel antenna offers high performance on all the major wireless carriers’ frequencies as well as WiFi and WiMax frequencies. Model 437-PW features an incredibly low SWR of less than 1.5:1 across the entire specified frequency range to provide maximum signal range. Low SWR equates to maximum power being conducted from the antenna. Model 437-PW can be mounted indoors or outdoors with the included wall bracket.

For ease of installation, Digital Antenna offers factory terminated cable assemblies in lengths from 10 to 100 feet.

Made in the USA; assembled, tested and tuned by hand for maximum performance, quality and durability.


  • 700, 800, 850, 900, 1500, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2500 and 2600 MHz frequency bands; 4G, 3G, AWS, LTE, CLR, DCS, IMT, ISM, PCS, WCDMA, WCS, WiFi, WiMax, Cellular


  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • UV protected case
  • High gain, low profile
  • Multiple bands: 698-1000, 1700-2700 MHz
  • Focused power captures more signals
  • 7dB gain at 900 MHz; 8dB gain at 2000 MHz; 10dB gain at 2700 MHz
  • Five year warranty


Model 437-PW
Frequencies 698-1000 and 1700-2700 MHz
VSWR <1.5: 1 = 698-1000 and 1700-2700 MHz
Dimensions 7" L x 9" H x 1.75" D (178 x 228 x 44.5 mm)
Beamwidth H65° V55°
Use Indoor or outdoor
Gain 7-10dB
Connector Type N female
Mount Wall bracket (included)
Max Power 50W
Impedance 50 ohms
Front to Back Ratio >20dB
Lightning Protection DC ground

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