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With all the news about contaminated and defective foreign products coming into our country, how can you be sure about something as vital as your communication gear linking you to the world? Communication is always critical. Hopefully you are never in a situation where your life depends on it, but if you are, wouldnít you want your communication gear to be designed and built by skilled Americans who care that you get the best equipment? From engineering to customer service, Digital Antenna offers communication products to keep you connected.

Maybe youíve heard the saying that American products are superior in quality to foreign manufactured goods. How about the one on keeping American jobs at home in this country to stimulate our economy? At Digital Antenna, those are both true. Our award-winning products are made in the USA by your fellow countrymen, with a true commitment to quality, as if each product was going to a family member.

We build, inspect, test and ship each product with perfection in mind, so that you can rely on it if youíre 50 miles out to sea or in a dead cell zone. After every connection is carefully soldered, the product is passed on to our quality control department. It is then tested on network analyzers or diagnostic test equipment. Once in shipping, the utmost care is taken to ensure that the product arrives in pristine condition.

Whether itís a customer service rep helping you with a cellular amplifier application or simply ordering an antenna part, you will be treated with respect when doing business with Digital Antenna. Letís work together and do something about these difficult economic times; keep American jobs and dollars here by keeping product manufacturing here. At the same time, you benefit from receiving the best possible communication products on the market. You can count on us to make quality products that we are confident to stand behind.