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GO FURTHER on land and at sea with Digital Antenna's award-winning marine antennas, and high gain land and mobile antennas. 


Wideband 695-3000 MHz Bullet Antennas

Wideband 695-3000 MHz Omni-Directional Bullet Antennas
Digital Antenna's newest antenna, known as the bullet, provides excellent performance from LTE to WiMax and is ideal for mobile or fixed locations. Maximum performance and distance is achieved with its physically resonant design and outstanding VSWR of less than 1.5:1 in all 3G and 4G bands.

Bullet antennas come in three versions -- deck mount, deck mount with 1"x14 base and wall/pole mount.

High Performance Marine Antennas
Stay connected with Digital Antenna’s full line of award-winning marine antennas, including cellular, VHF, XM & Sirius Satellite Radio, SSB, 2.4 GHz WiFi, AM/FM, AIS and combination models. Each antenna is assembled, tested and tuned by hand for maximum performance.

Experience the superior craftsmanship and components of Digital Antenna marine antennas, honored repeatedly for their outstanding quality and reliability. Your antenna is your lifeline – choose wisely!
Enjoy the ultimate in cellular signal amplification and land and marine antenna technology with Digital Antenna's innovative new products.
MIMO Backhaul 1900 MHz Pole Mount Antenna - 8dB Gain
Wideband Yagi 880-960 MHz Antenna - 14dB Gain
Wideband 695-3000 MHz 1" x 14 Deck Mount Bullet Antenna - 4-9dBi Gain
Wideband 695-3000 MHz Bullet Antenna - 4-7dBi Gain
Wideband 695-3000 MHz Deck Mount Bullet Antenna - 4-7dBi Gain
30" to 8' Dual Band Cellular Antennas with Collet Ferrules - 9dB Gain
Wideband 690-2700 MHz Log Periodic Antenna - 8-10dB Gain
Multi-Band 698-1000 and 1700-2700 MHz Panel Antenna - 7-10dB Gain
Yagi 700 MHz 4G LTE Antenna - 6dB Gain
Yagi 700 MHz 4G LTE Cellular Antenna - 9dB Gain
Wideband Yagi 1550-2350 MHz 4G Antenna - 14dB Gain
Wideband Yagi 2-3 GHz 4G Antenna - 14dB Gain

High Quality Products Made in the USA!
Digital Antenna manufactures its products here in the USA to the highest standards. Don't settle for poor imitations from overseas. Buying American made products from Digital Antenna guarantees quality, performance, value and service! See our factory in action ...